"Before They Strike"

We are rolling out the bus

  • To challenge the new social order of gun violence.
  • Let’s go back to church!
  • {The Old Order}
    • “Thou shalt not kill”

Purpose and Objectives

  • To prepare the mind to see and avoid the potential outcome of a confrontation.
  • To be aware of and seek alternatives to the introduction of guns.
  • To know the consequences of gun violence to self and others beforehand.
  • To consider your tomorrow.

The New Social Order: Spoken

  • It says that one must disregard the penalty or the consequences for the taking of another’s life.
  • It demands restitutions for any notion of having been disrespected, whether intentional or not.
  • Each offended must respect this new code above their own welfare.
    • The weight of and the true knowledge of these consequences for too many of our youth may come too late.

The New Social Order: Challenged

  • If this remains unchallenged…
    • It will rob our youth of their right to pursue the prosperity not only of their teens’ years but adult years also.
  • We adults must shoulder the responsibility now!
    • We must use every means possible to speak into the lives of our youth before they strike and lose their most precious possessions: life and time.

We believe that the consequences and the reality of gun violence must be written-out and made plain “before they strike”

Our Hope

  • To spotlight the after-effects of gun violence through “word signs” and targeted events before they strike.
  • To sway the offended youth away from their decision to exercise personal judgement and the decree of death upon another.

Our Fundraiser - Sign Distribution

  • Our objective is to develop and print “word signs” designed to awaken the minds of the readers to the critical facts that gun violence and its consequences continue on after the act itself.
  • Please donate to our cause before they strike.
  • Your contribution, sponsorship and aid in any form will assist us in reaching our objective. Our goal is that our signs will be hung in homes, gymnasiums, churches, offices and other areas where youth are present.

Examples of Developing Signage

Other Signs - Written by Those That Have Been There

  • A Letter from Prison
  • Anger Management
  • Families That Still Cry
  • I Have Been Where You Are
  • The Cost of Revenge
  • It’s Not Worth It
  • The Morning After
  • If Only I Had Known
  • Responding to Peer Pressure
  • Listening to the Voices

Our Challenge to You

  • Help us to challenge this new social order of gun violence and intentional killings
  • Purchase, donate or hang one or more of these signs
  • @home, @churches @schools
  • @auditoriums & @gyms
  • @interior courts, @offices, @worksites
  • @anywhere young men may be gathering

Suggested Contributions:

  • Some images may be available onsite, others may be delivered in two days.
  • For more information and cost breakdown contact Old Scholars’ “Before They Strike Organization” (317)-603-7176
  • Help us get the words up “Before They Strike!”
  • Subject to change and availability

Others Means of Verbal Messaging

  • Old Scholars Youth Rescue is also available for speaking engagements.
    • Former inmates will share their wisdom to the youth to steer them away from a life of violence.
    • Other speakers will reveal the truth about gun violence having experienced the consequences themselves.

Our Plea to You

  • Help, contribute, sponsor, buy, post, host a youth conferences and/or distribute a sign!
  • Won’t you join us in sounding the alarm against the reality of pulling the trigger “Before They Strike?”

About The Old Scholars' Youth Rescue

  • Purpose: To ignite an active community concern in all of our adult citizens to move our city and state to address the challenges of our youth and to confront the many negative influences of street survival and gun violence.
  • Vision:
    • To rally and organize the mature adults of our society, some of whom have walked in the good, the bad and/or the ugly, now reformed, to reveal the snares, traps, consequences and the escape route from many of the conditions our youth find themselves facing today.
    • To compassionately devise and maintain multi-faceted youth mentoring opportunities.
    • To function as an intake center for other youth having special needs or special counseling.
    • To collaborate with other organizations to provide our youth with wisdom, training, instruction, employment, opportunities, activities and education.
  • Goals To Start a Movement
    • To challenges the negative visual and verbal information that our youth are being subjected to. To inject positive instruction, wisdom and knowledge from those who have been where some of our youth are headed.
    • To vividly unveil the truth.
    • To reduce the number of persons at a tender age from accepting and adopting negative influences,
    • To equip our youth with a desire to reach for and obtain principles that enable them to enjoy the qualities of life.
    • To detour the mindset and attitude of hopelessness.

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Indianapolis, IN 46205