Why the name "Old Scholars"?

It represents from all ages, those who have learned.

How can I help?

We need an assortment of skills and talents to organize and manage the CHARGE and PROFESSIONALISM of this movement.

Is It a particular sector of our community that is being solicited?

No, however, we are counting on our seniors to assume the key positions as organizers and directors.

Where do we get the youth that this organization will speak to?

By sponsoring events, and from other organizations and collaborative now in place.

What is the purpose?

To sponsor, and present others that have gained knowledge and experience from all walks of life to speak knowledge, reasoning, and intelligence into the lives of our youth.

Will we be required to march, or personally confront out of control youth or enter an unstable environment?


(SEE YOUTH SUMMIT 9/28/2019 video on my Facebook page)

Do we want to include offenders?

Yes, who have demonstrated reform.

If I get involve How much time will be required of me?

In most situations Less than ONE HOUR a week. THIS IS NOT A JOB. NOR A COMMITMENT TO A LOT OF MEETINGS! Commit only as your concern and compassion directs you.

Do we want to include Juveniles?

Yes, who have demonstrated reform.

Will I be required to teach or become a mentor?

Only if that is where your heart leads you.

Who else?

Adults having a heart desire to instruct and inform our youth of life principles.

Is there other ways that I can support this movement?

Yes, by becoming a Board Member, a part of the Advisory Panel, or by a one time or monthly financial contribution?